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What is it?

It's NOW PLAYING at PLAYLAND PARK. It's one of the most intense and scariest Haunted Houses in the state!

Rated One of the Top 5 Haunted Attractions in the midwest by Forbes Magazine.

Rated Flint's Top Haunted House

The Story

Long ago, it was boarded up, abandoned, left for dead. St. Lucifer's Asylum for the Mentally Insane. Once there were over 12,000 patients and a staff of 700. A cutting edge psychiatric hospital specializing in electroshock therapy. But things were far from normal. Patients frequently chewing their tongues off, body counts unusually high. Many patients disappearing into the 5 miles of underground tunnels. The stories of macabre events happening to innocent people were told everywhere. Such as the young boy who awoke to find the mark of St. Lucifer's on his arm. Later discovering he had a twin who died at St. Lucifer's. Or the retired nurse who gouged out her own eyeballs while riding the elevator in a department store. St. Lucifer's was called evil, haunted. Then the state ordered it close in 1974. Be one of the first to enter St. Lucifer's and discover for yourself the meaning of fear.

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Nightly Event for 2014!

Want to prepare for the zombie apocalypse? Saint Lucifer's Haunted Asylum and 13 Feet Under have you covered with Zombie Killerz Black Ops Paintball!  Starting at $10 for 30 paintballs you can shoot real zombies on our eight player turret style paintball gun setup. Come check out your shooting skills! Open the same times and dates as Saint Lucifer's Haunted Asylum & 13 Feet Under. Tickets available at box office or at the paintball tent near the parking lot.

Price: $10 for 30 paintballs, multiple purchases to fill up paintball gun allowed
Tipping the zombies is encouraged using the brain block system to position the zombies where ever you would like them to be.

How do I contact Saint Lucifer's Haunted Asylum at Playland Park?

Call Playland Park at 810-695-8200 or email us



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